April 17, 2021

Lost Cashier’s Check / Note Bond

Best Rates on Lost Cashier’s Check / Note Surety Bonds. Cheap Surety Bonds for the Sacramento, Chico, Redding, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Long Beach, Fresno, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Anaheim, and San Diego, California regions. Providing our Clients with low cost, affordable, cheap bonds.

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The application needs to be completed in full and include signature(s) of all applicants and spouses in order to apply for the referenced bond.  In addition to the application, we will need the following items to underwrite your client’s request:

  1.  Written statement of facts regarding what was lost and how it was lost including date when mailed to recipient and any other supporting documentation
  2. Copy of lost instrument/cashier’s check as available from the bank

Premium rate is 5% based on the bond amount for a term of one year.  This bond does not renew.  Cashier’s check/money order must be lost for a minimum of 30 days before ACIC is in a position to issue a bond.

Upon receipt of a complete submission we will advise how we can proceed within 4-5 days.






Should you have any questions, please call us at 916-984-9320.  You may also email a copy of documents to: Info@barraganinsurance.com


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