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Flood Insurance FAQ’s

Best Rates on low cost, affordable, cheap Flood Insurance for the Sacramento, Chico, Redding, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Long Beach, Fresno, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Anaheim, and San Diego, California regions. Providing our Clients with low cost, affordable, cheap flood Insurance.

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Natomas, Sacramento, West Sacramento, and Sutter County urged to buy Flood Insurance before December 8, 2008.

“Does my property need flood insurance?”… The Natomas area and certain areas of Sacramento, and West Sacramento were recently rezoned making it mandatory for residents to buy flood insurance protection. Areas of Sutter County determined to be at risk due to inadequate protection by the levees causing numerous hazzards.  Free Flood Insurance Quote
The City of Sacramento and Sacramento County urge Natomas property owners to purchase flood insurance before December 8, 2008, when flood insurance will become a federal requirement for approximately 26,000 Natomas properties.  Because of revisions in the flood zone map reclassifications flood insurance costs will significantly increase after December 8th, 2008. Property owners who have a federally insured or regulated loan on a home or building in Natomas must purchase flood insurance before December 8th or their lender may force-place the policy at a significantly higher cost. Get a Free Flood Insurance Quote.  Natomas property owners can obtain reduced rates by purchasing flood insurance before the requirement takes effect. FEMA is rezoning Natomas and Sacramento as an AE (High-Risk) flood zone and finalizes the new flood maps on December 8, 2008 .  Flood Insurance rates in Natomas and Sacramento will soon be 4 times or more what they are today.  You can avoid the price increases by purchasing a Preferred Risk Policy and get a Grandfather Flood Policy.  Don’t wait – flood insurance policies take 30 days to take effect. Flood Insurance Protects your home or business from Flood disaster losses. Get a Preferred Risk Flood Insurance Policy now.  See City of Sacramento letter to Flood Insurance Agents

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Sutter County Water Resources Chief Daniel Peterson asks Sutter County residents to think about flood hazzards for areas south of Yuba City near levees.  Army Corps of Engineers conducted tests on levees along the Feather, Sacramento Rivers, and along the Sutter Bypass to determine if the levees are strong enough to withstand possible flooding. Peterson said the results for tests done on levees that protect Sutter County south of Stewart Road and east of the Sutter Bypass “were unable to demonstrate that the levees meet the new criteria,” and “They don’t offer 100-year flood protection.” See News10 article    See flooding video  Call (916) 984-9320 for flood insurance
Flooding is the most common natural disaster. Flood insurance protects your home or business when you need it most because of a flood damages even if federal disaster aid is unavailable. How to file a Flood Claim.

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Basic Property Insurance DOES NOT cover flood damage.  Preferred Risk Flood Insurance Policies provide the best flood protection for the lowest cost on flood insurance coverage (as little as $348 per year) providing $250,000 of building and $100,000 of contents coverage if they are in a preferred risk zone. Only homes that are located in a  low-to-moderate-risk flood zones qualify for these low rates.  These low-cost flood insurance policies are guaranteed by FEMA and NFIP.

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32 States experienced Flood Disaster Declarations from August 2007 to August 2008.
In addition, some states experienced more than one major flood disaster declarations during this time. Missouri 8, Oklahoma 5, Illinois, 4, Nebraska 4, Arkansas 3, Indiana 3, Iowa 2, Kentucky 2, Vermont 2. These 32 flood events are the Presidential “declared flood disasters”.  However, many less expansive flood events that are no less severe to those involved are not listed above and occur for numerous reasons such as poor drainage, new construction or because of other natural conditions such as drought-hardened soil, or flash fire damage, which are also unpredictable occurrences.

Having flood insurance gives you many benefits, Not only is coverage there when you need it, but it also:
Compensates for all covered flood losses  (read about flood compensation)
compensates for flood damages even if federal disaster aid is unavailable
Pays for your covered flood losses, unlike interest-bearing loans from federal disaster assistance
Comes in low-cost flood insurance policies for those who qualify
Guarantees compensation for flood damages because the Federal Government (FEMA) backs NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program)
Helps you move on if your property is damaged by flood. Your flood insurance agent is there to help you handle your flood claim (note: most claims are paid within 30 to 60 days)
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