May 23, 2024

International Term Life Insurance


Get U.S. Dollar Term Life Insurance for use when there is an International insurable interest involved.


  • Employees of Foreign National Firms
  • International Asset Protection
  • Short Term Needs
  • Special Assignments
  • U.S. Citizens Living Abroad (such as ex-pats, etc)

International Term Life

In terms of business partnerships, trade opportunities and merging companies, the world gets smaller every day. This means that people travel more frequently which makes International Term Life Insurance protection increasingly more important.

Unexpected complications not covered by traditional insurance carriers can occur while travelling or living abroad. We have International & Special Use Term Life plan to make sure those in need are covered in case the unexpected happens.


Take the Case of…

A man who is planning to serve as a missionary for the next three years in Southeast Asia. He is looking for $500,000 of coverage for estate planning and loss of future income purposes in order to provide financial security to his family. We accommodated him with an International Term Life policy that covered him for the 3 years he would be out of the United States.

Each person’s situation is different and we will develop a plan with flexible term lengths and high benefit limits to fit your needs. From business people to journalists, the International & Special Use Term Life plan will ease the worries of those traveling or living abroad.

The necessity for International Term Life grows as international travel becomes progressively more common.  Our plan will financially protect individuals, their families and their businesses anywhere in the world they may travel.

Policy Features:

  • Available from a 1 – month to a maximum 10 – year policy term
  • Requalifying is not required during the policy term

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