January 21, 2018

Lost Trust Deed Bond / Lost Note Bond


Application needs to be completed and signed by all vested owners and spouses in order to obtain approval for the referenced bond. A separate application must be completed for each bond request. In addition to the completed application, there is a list of items we will need to underwrite the request. Please forward as many items as possible to avoid delays in processing. This bond is for lost or defective deed of trusts or lost trust notes.

Complete Lost Note Deed Bond App  and include as many of the following items:

  • Copy of Deed of Trust (and Note if available)
  • Complete copy of Preliminary Title Report
  • Proof of Payment (i.e. copies of canceled checks, escrow documents)
  • Chain of Title (Copies of Grant Deeds/Quitclaim Deeds if applicable to verify property vesting)
  • Current Personal-Financial-Statement  – *applies for bond amounts over $5K
  • If property is vested in a trust – please provide a copy of the trust document – note that applicants must sign the application as trustees of the trust and individually
  • Bond amount requirement – this is determined by the original trustee on the note in question and is normally 1 ½ or 2x the value of the note
  • Lost Trust Deed bond / Lost Note bond-Statutory Declaration – our sample form follows – completed and signed by all vested owners- we require a faxed copy of this document…the original document is filed concurrent with bond once approved and issued

If we have evidence that the note has been paid in full, the rate is 1 ½ percent based on the bond amount, subject to a $100.00 minimum premium. If the note is not paid or there isn’t proof of payment available, the premium rate is 4% based on the bond amount subject to same $100.00 min. premium. Upon approval, we will need the original application and check for the bond premium.


Lost Note Bond App RLI 2017   (RLI rate is 1 1/2%  2% without proof of payment)


HCC Lost Note Deed Bond App  
Lost Trust Deed bond / Lost Note bond-Statutory Declaration
Business Financial 


Should you have any questions, please call us at 916-984-9320. You may also email a copy of documents to: Info@barraganinsurance.com

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